To the beach... OCEAN Couture (women/girls) and SHARK Couture (men/boys) is the ultimate luxury holiday lifestyle brand.

Our SS 2016 collection, sophisticated, sportive, and timeless elegance styled designs are a must-have for the distinguished global traveler. For this collection, our Belgian designer Katerina V. was inspired by the beautiful Ocean fish of Hawaii. She used fish prints with a new technology of digital printing on Italian plain fabric and combined this with high-quality fabrics from USA and EU.

The fabrics are tested rigorously for endurance and strength whilst maintaining a fabulous sheen to show off your curves and your tan.

...´for me, swimwear is a natural expression of summer; hot sunny days, long sultry nights, when you wear any of my creations, I want you to look sexy, feel comfortable and embrace the sunshine. Every one of my bikinis and swimsuits I would wear myself. I´d like to think they are as elegant as an evening dress so whether you are lounging by the pool or plunging into the mediterranean sea, your swimwear will look fabulous.´… by Katerina V.

I 've always been passionate about fashion and clothing.

It all started at a very young age in Riga (Latvia, Eastern Europe). I was 5 years old and I remember my father who was producing and launching his own jeans line in USSR. This was the first time when I saw parts of the production process… I saw how clothing was made. At that time my grandmother had one of the biggest exclusive jewellery stores in Riga. She worked together with 14 employees for many years. I remember this was my playground when the employees were on lunch break. Between all this beautiful jewellery, gold, silver and diamonds.

So... This is my story; I was born in 1981 in one of the Baltic states, Riga. When I was 6 years old, my parents divorced. My father left to Canada and my mother and I moved to Finland. After 5 years we moved again... This time to Belgium. My mother married a Belgian, who had a company in the harbor of Antwerp. They produced twistlocks for containers, cruise ships and ships worldwide. During these years, I experienced many different cultures and languages, lived in many different houses, apartments, hotels. This was very hard for an adolescent girl. Other children didn´t always understand me…

I always was ´the outsider´. But this made me strong and the person who I am now. After school time, I started to draw… hand drawing… fashion. I started reading fashion magazines and searching in the library to learn more about famous designers. My passion for fashion and interest grew more and more.

I remember one of my first school essays was about Yves Saint Laurent. The second one was about Jean-Paul Gaultier and the 3rd was about different fashion tv channels. After I graduated at marketing high school, I had a possibility to work directly in the fashion business. I worked in a fashion store as assistant manager. I could decide in the purchase of luxury brands as La Perla, Iceberg, Versace, Hervé Leger, Moschino, Mugler, Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, and much more… I’ve learned and worked very hard to achieve my goals and I’m grateful that I had this opportunity. when I was twenty, I was able to organize a full collection fashion show for men and woman. 20 different styles including accessories… more than 500 spectators… I was delighted to bring this to a successful end.

Then I met my husband and left the fashion scene for a while. I worked at his company. Specialized in ICT, we could make the company grow to 150 employees in different kinds of projects. We have been nominated by ´Trends Gazellen´ in 2010, 2012 and 2014 for the fasted growing SME.

Nevertheless, fashion stayed in my heart. I couldn´t let it go. My passion and idea for our new project started to grow. We traveled and got inspired step by step. We have seen so many beautiful places, art, and people.... And we are so ready to discover more! This year... we are ready!

We would like to present Ocean Couture and Shark Couture, a total ´beachwear-concept´ for everybody. No matter which age, no matter if you are alone or have children, no matter if you have a holiday in your country or abroad. We will offer something for everyone. We will advise you, we will guide you… We want you to enjoy your vacation and the sun… but be aware… protect yourselves against the sun. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your experience by taking the time to look at our website. Place your order and we do the rest… Enjoy, it’s your time! Just one last thing...

I would like to say a special thank you to my husband and my son Angelo. They are my best friends and soulmates. They are my whole world, my everything!

My family, J&L-A, for your support and taking care of us. Special thank you to our friends, who listened and supported us. And at last but not least, all the people who we work with, all the handmade work, manufactories, cooperations, B-Post for bringing the packages and making people happy!

In the end...That's what this is all about...

Make you happy!

Always in style with Ocean and Shark Couture!

With love,